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13 May

What are Sprites?

Sprites are computer graphic images which can be moved on screen. Here are a few examples: General      

29 Aug

Someone understands me!

*** An Open Letter To The Teens – And A Solemn Promise Nobody is more misunderstood around the world than

07 Mar

Science activities wrapped up in fond childhood memories

Every science concept can be explained with a fun example. All we need to reform education are fun-loving educators. Techno-Car-Toons

22 Oct

What a disastrous way to teach math!

Video: Disastrous math These kids will perhaps grow up so different, their cousins and friends will not recognize them as

08 Oct

The First Story – In Which We Rescue Max From Himself

Once upon a time, in a land not far, far away, Max acted naughty and went inside someone’s castle without