08 Oct

The First Story – In Which We Rescue Max From Himself

Max has put himself in trouble!

Max has put himself in trouble!

Once upon a time, in a land not far, far away, Max acted naughty and went inside someone’s castle without permission. It turned out that that castle belonged to a wizard – no, not Hogwarts, Ayaan – so what was I saying? Ah yes, the wizard found out what had happened, and got angry at Max. He shouldn’t have, we know, because getting angry never does anyone any good, now does it?


Anyway, the wizard cast a spell to make the steps and door disappear, leaving Max locked up in the top room of his castle. Gasp! Now what is Max going to do! How is he ever going to get out?


Your challenge: make something so that Max can be rescued. Also, in the sheet given, match each solution to the problem it can solve.

Building the steps

Done? Excellent! You’ve earned the ‘Rescuer’ Badge of Honour from Robokids.But before you leave, please don’t forget to tell the wizard to attend the ‘Forgiveness’ class of the ‘Good Manners’ course at Lahore Grammar School (Paragon city). And we all know what Max should realize: “Don’t do something you’re not supposed to do”. Simple.

Hurray for Engineers!


See you next week, kiddos!

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